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About SQLite-WinCE

The reason I started this project was because I found current solutions to be too slow and giving me very few features to use. There was SQL-Server for WinCE, but I wasn't prepared to spend money on this with the project at hand.

Then I found SQLite: a very cool and lean SQL engine with lots of features and in the Public Domain.

The port was easy to make, only problem was the file locking stuff, needed when accessing a database by two simultaneous process, so that was implemented too.

This project is still marked alpha for only a reason: the SQLite test suite (a very complete one) is TCL based. I know there are ports of TCL for WinCE, but a very big work effort would have to be done to make it work in a general way.

That is why no efforts were done to merge this project with the official one. I couldn't give any guarantee that it actually works. After a year alive, no problems were raised as being this port fault, but there are too many WinCE platforms out there to be sure.

As SQLite evolves to compile in more and more platforms (including 64 bits) there should be less and less problems using this port. But some effort need to be taken in devolopping a WinCE compatible test suite.

I would like to take a moment to remember this project couldn't be a reallity without the great library produced by D. Richard Hipp. 99% of the code is his work.

Happy programming!
~Nuno Lucas